#29 – 365 Project

Bayview Rd

On my way to church this morning. Lovely sunny Sunday, 5 celcius with blue sky and white cloud!

Bedford Highway

Around 10 am. Road is not crowded at all. Just bit wet from last night rainy.

MacKay bridge

All these pictures, I took from car while Hadi’s driving. Sorry for my bad horizontal level haha…


One of the window in St Andrew church.

Huge and strange cloud

On our way back from church. Near Bedford highway. Look at those clouds. Huge and very low to the water.

nom nom nom

Had our lunch at happy shusi. All you can eat shusi. Normally we will get our foods around 5-10 minutes after we placed the order, but somehow today we waited until 15 min and no food’re coming! I am sure something was going wrong, and yeah… they wrote a wrong table number, so almost half of our order went to the wrong table. Geezzz…. and why those people keep accepted the foods that they’re not order? why? why? *drama* After they “eat” my chicken skewer, tempura, veal ribs… they returned Hadi’s order, which is Eel on rice, HA HA HA. Eat those you like but not order and return something you don’t like? very clever!

Cannot eat too much because this time only two of us. However I ate all that I like hehehe… Picture above is shusi hand roll ( salmon crispy ), one of my favorite, really like to eat that seaweed paper, yum!

And then we headed to supermarket because hadi wants to buy some fruits. In the same block I saw “Gap FACTORY store” never noticed about this before. So we went there and I am like “whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” the price is cheap, not really cheap but CHEAP. We bough jacket each of us for only $30s/each, which normally will cost us around $75-100 with the same brand. Totally will going there rather than in the mall one, haha.

Love the color, details and model

This jacket will suit my new boot hehe…

It’s almost 5.30pm now. I need to pick my laundry and be ready to go to Yen’s house to have 2nd hotpot, we cannot finish all of them yesterday. OMG I’m still full from Happy Sushi, haha… Hey, how is your weekend? Always feel sad when we realized tomorrow is MONDAY, hoaaaaaa…. but trying to be happy, because everyday is a good day, and we need a weekday to earn some money for having fun on weekend, right? LOL



2 thoughts on “#29 – 365 Project

  1. hiiiiii yuliana:)

    are you still in halifax, ns? I’m trying to get in touch with the PERMINAS group, if you dont mind, I’d appreciate if you could lead me to the group.

    Saya dari Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, sedang belajar di Dalhousie University, ingin menubuhkan satu pertubuhan/komunitas bagi orang yang ngerti berbahasa melayu, tidak mengira malaysia, indonesia, singapura, atau brunei. Dari sini, kita kan bisa meraikan hari lebaran bersama-sama dan buat “potluck gathering” untuk beramah mesra…jadi objektif nya, saya berpihak dari komunitas malaysia ingin mengenali semua dari PERMINAS jika dibenarkan, dan kemudian register di Dalhousie Student Union sebagai sebuah pertubuhan yg “legit” bersama perlembagaan. Pabila perayaan seperti hari lebaran akan datang, kami ingin mengadakan nya di dewan universiti sambil menjemput semua pelajar 🙂

    terima kasih!

    interesting blog btw! gave me some new insights (though ive been in canada for 2 months and a half!)

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