How to make Lontong

Hi all… Long time no write! too busy and too lazy… ^^

Just quick post about How to make a Lontong ( is an Asian dish made of compressed rice that is then cut into small cakes. Popular in Indonesia & Malaysia) Lontong is wrap by Banana leaf and If you ever heard about Ketupat, it’s similiar but Ketupat wrap by palm leaves. I prefer we make Lontong or Ketupat from those both leaves and don’t do it with plastic bag, Is it posible making Lontong with plastic bag? yes, some people do it but not healthy for sure, because the rice and the cover’s material need to boil about 90-120 minutes!


1. Rice

2. Banana Leaf

3. Water

4. Salt ( Optional )

Directions :

1. Rinse and stir the rice very well under water until the resulting water becomes clear.

2.  Take banana leaf wrap the rice. Use shining side of banana leaf inside so the lontong will have a nice green colours after cooked.

3. Boil the water and put lontong to cook for 2 to 2,30 hours. Add some hot water while cooking.

4. When done, pouring the lontong with cold/room temperature water and then let them dry

5. Open the banana leaf and cut into small peace before served with others food.

In Indonesia we usually eat lontong with : Satay, Gado-gado, Ketoprak & Lontong sayur. Pictures below is Lontong sayur ala Yuliana Tan. I don’t have time to find the vegetables so I make the lontong sayur with : Carrot, boiled egg, tofu, ikan belis, onion, chickend & kerupuk ^^<– How to make the soup, will tell you later or you can gooling it with keyword : Lontong sayur or  Curry!

Lontong with natural green colour from banana leaf ^^

Fries Ikan belis, make this Lontong sayur so yummyyyyy...^^

Served with Kerupuk, Obama said " Kerupuk enak!" hehe ^^

Guten Apetit! ^^

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