Kue Ketan Srikaya

This is one of my Indonesian favorite cake, a combination of salty & sweet savory taste that made of glutinous rice for the bottom layer (salt) and srikaya for the upper layer (sweet). Never imagined before that I would make this cake … hehe but likeĀ  Justin Bieber’s said : Never Say Never ^^

The following ingredients and how to makeĀ  Kue Ketan Srikaya using a rice cooker!

For undercoat
250gr Ketan/Glutinous rice in the wash
300ml thick coconut milk (canned)
Salt to taste
1spoon granulated sugar
2 pieces of pandan leaves tied

For overlay
5 eggs
300ml thick coconut milk
50gr rice flour
200gr granulated sugar
green dye or water suji leaves / pandan

How to cook:
Washed glutinous cooked in rice cooker (just like cooking rice) with coconut milk, sugar, salt, pandan leaves until cooked. move to a mold while warm and slightly pressed-press for solids.

Eggs and sugar are whipped until smooth, add coconut milk, rice flour and dye shake / stir until blended and smooth (can be filtered out first if desired), pour the pan and above the existing sticky/glutinous rice.

Steamed in a rice cooker (using a rice cooker steamer container) for approximately 25 minutes, be careful of the water that drips from the lid rice cooker, remove from mold when cool, cut into pieces & cake ready to be served. easy right?

Selamat mencoba! :)

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