When She Felt Asleep In My Arms

When She Fall Asleep In My Arms

When She Felt Asleep In My Arms – Olivia (13 months)

Since she was a little tiny baby, I rocked her in my arms every time she needs to take her nap or sleep at night. Most people who knew this fact will immediately told me that this is not a good habit, for her or for me or for whoever look after her. The reason they told me quite reasonable, like baby who falls asleep by themselves will sleep more deep and long rather then they full asleep in our arm and wake up find out they are in another place. Not mention the time consuming when they refuse to sleep and the older they are, the heavier they will be. And so on and so on. I get it. I GOT IT. And I respect their opinions and advise.

But I also believe every baby is different. What works for them maybe doesn’t work for another family. I don’t mind rocking Olivia every time she goes to sleep. Okay just once in a while when I was so tired, body and emotionally and she refused to sleep even it’s the time already. I’ll impatience and all, but what I want to say is I don’t mind at all since she is just the only child I had and the moment we had during this rocking time also see her fall asleep without need to cry her eyes out, makes me happy and accomplished.

Since one or two weeks after her first birthday, most of the time she doesn’t want me to carries her anymore, especially during the night. After her milk she will “ask” to be putting down to her crib, she didn’t fall asleep immediately but she will fall asleep by herself after a while. I am happy but a bit broken heart actually. This scenario doesn’t work when she feels it’s not a time to sleep but when the time is right, all going so smooth.

In a blink of an eye, she probably doesn’t want me to kiss or hug her anymore (what I mean with kiss and hugs here is like kiss her 1million times while hug her so tight so she cannot run away). Baby is growing too fast. People said it all the time but I think all mothers never realized how FAST are.

I would like to encourage all mothers out there to not be afraid to not listen and agree with people opinion or whatever they read on parenting books & magazines. Just do what is work for your children, we know better than other people about our children because we watch them 24 hours. And also what so called “mother’s instinct”.

It’s an up and down journey to raising a little human but I’ll always cherish and store as much memories as possible into my brain & heart, so in the future I still have a lot of “pictures” in  my mind to laugh and smile at.