Another Milestone (Olivia’s 4th Birthday)


This month Olivia turned 4 years young. What a big number. Age 4 is a threshold to a big world. School. And for some kids, 4 is not being a toddler anymore. Olivia is one of them. Why? I’m no longer searching for toddler discounted clothes. She wore size 4 or 5 starting last Summer and recently, I bought her a winter coat, size XS in Kid category. This brought back memory when I was no longer buying baby stuff for her when she’s growing into a little toddler. What a heart wrenching!

But for this post, I want to write a moment we shared, in the morning of her birthday. The night before her birthday, I told her that tomorrow is her birthday, finally! (Yep, we mentioned about her birthday couple of times, the past 2 or 3 weeks before the actual date) The conversation was going on about the present, the cake, how excited to be a 4 years old girl (which is she refused and convinced me that she is 3, still 3). Because her birthday pretty close to Christmas and holiday season, she thought Santa would deliver the presents. Well, cannot argue with 3 years old almost 4 very stubborn girl.

Fast forward, It’s morning time. Our morning routine is she’ll have her milk on bed. But not that morning. She remembered about her birthday day was that day! She rushed to go to living room. When She was in the middle of the stairs, She saw the wall already decorated with her animate cartoon character (My Little Pony) that I put it last night, along the table with 3 presents (from Papa, Mommy and her pal, baby shark) and eggs and eclair as substitute of her birthday cake.

I cannot see her eyes, but i believe it’s sparked some light and rainbow. She was so happy, she went on saying “wow” “it’s amazing”, while still standing on the stairs. Moment later she continued rushing to downstair, after 1-2 steps, she turned around, went up to reach me. And here we go, My 5 seconds of heaven moment, She hugged me, kissed me and say “thank you mommy”. I was blown away by her reaction, too bad her Papa was still in the washroom to witness this magical moment.

That 5 seconds was a Kairos. Moment that i would keep it in my heart for my entire life. Why it was so special because she never did that gesture before, also I was so grateful that she remembers to thank me (and Papa) and show it in the sweetest act. The impact was huge also because I didn’t expect it at all.

Thank to you Olivia…

Thank God for putting us all in one family too

Mommy said, I love you to the moon and back and you will reply, I love you to the sun and back (to the moon and gone, thankfully only happen once), despite you didn’t know that Sun way further than moon, mommy will take it as a hint that you always want the best for mommy. For that I’m grateful & joyful. You my silly hunny bunny… Happy 4th Birthday!!!


Olivia’s First Prayer

Your name always in my prayer ?

Tonight, Wednesday, July 18, 2017.

Olivia said her own prayer before sleep.

I usually ask her to pray together. On a good night, she would listen to me carefully until the end and says “amen”. But, on a not so good night, she would just won’t listening and keeps saying “no, no, no”.

My prayer is simple.

Starting with “Jesus…” and I will tell what I and Olivia have been doing the whole day, like “today, Olivia went to school and met Koko Ben” or “Olivia went to playground and market” something simple like those, I used word that familiar to her so she would understand what I am talking/praying about.

And we will ended the pray together by saying “amen”. That’s it. Almost every night and nap time in the afternoon if she is taking a nap at home.

But tonight was different. First, I thought tonight will be one of the not so good night. When I started “Jesus…” she stoped me. “Wait, wait..” I stopped. She continued “Jesus…” I thought she wanted to pray like in the church which they follow each word from the pastor, but second before I continued, she said “(mumbling) … market (mumbling) …” (only “market” word that I could understand from her short prayer.

WHAT…..????? We did go to the market aka grocery store today. Oh my… I am so happy and grateful that she got it. I keep praying no matter she understand it or not, I keep praying no matter she like it or not. And tonight does prove one thing. Never give up to pass something good to your children even though in the meantime they don’t get it or they don’t like it. They surely like a white paper and it’s up to you to put what colours in that paper . I am not saying that I would take credit for her milestone, only God and God alone deserve all credits. I just have to introduce her to Jesus, tell the gospel, and prepare her to be a believer. May God helps me, guides me and strengthens me in this process.

Olivia, 3,5 years old, has a speech delay, said her first prayer tonight. Thank you Lord, for your love & blessing. ??

Joyful mama.

Olivia’s First Lego

Waiting for friends finishing their Dino’s Lego building

Still looking at the display

Posing for the picture

Goofy ?

Scared of the Lego’s friends. After touched the character she ran to me, terrified ??

Not a Duplo.

Not a giant block.

It’s LEGO!!!

Initially, she wanted to buy Lego Cops (up left) because she likes the movie on Netflix. But the one she chose still too complicated and the legos would scattered all of the places.

I tried to negotiated, persuaded her to buy a small box of police theme lego instead. Her eyes wandered around, not convinced. I mentioned the price tag as well ?, she finally agreed for the small box that way more cheaper and simpler.

But upsss… she saw the fire truck lego!!! ??? this time, she won’t let it go, she said “pay pay pay”, “let’s go” ? well, considering how much she loves fire truck I cannot let her down. So yeah, as you can see her expressions after we bought the lego. She was happy to the max! ? My little girl who is not so girly like her mommy ☺️

#Oliviam #lego #usatrip2017

Ps. Happily posing for the picture and even gave mommy a very sweet and gentle kiss when being asked ? #mommytakesadvantage ?