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(Originally posted on Facebook on April 21, 2017)

The Card! ❤️

We got the key of our new house today! This is the only day we became so rich, because we owned 2 places, haha ???

Found this flower and card from the previous owner on the kitchen bar. She left a very sweet notes, her message warm my heart. She also left the house very clean and neat, I am so surprised.

On the way back to the other home, when I was driving,I got this insigh: I suddenly remember that Jesus, two thousands ago said that He went to heaven to prepare the place for me and all believers. I have a place in heaven, prepared by dear Lord Himself! Fully paid too! I imagine that He also left the notes if He cannot make it to welcome me in the front door, the notes will say “Welcome home my sweet child, you’ve done it well”.

We are so grateful and wish that this new house will bring joy to our family. That we can glorify God & enjoyed Him. May God bless this house & all people that will enter its door, abundantly.

Thanks to our dear friend, Vera Esther our realtor who had accompanied us to find the house that suits our need and budget. We appreciated her kindness and hard work. Mercy beaucop madam ?

Ps. Now, how I can move on from this condo that also bring us so much joy? ? only one sleep and bye bye. I’ll share some story about moving out from this condo as well, maybe tomorrow.

Night night…

Love Power Dalam Sepotong Tempe

Tempe in ziplock (homemade) photo:

If you tell me ten years ago that I will make Tempe by myself, I will look into your eyes, smile, poke your forehead with my index finger and say “Are you crazy? What on earth that you think I am ABLE to make homemade Tempe OR in what occasion that I NEED to make Tempe?!”

And here we are… June,  two thousand seventeen!!! I made my very first homemade Tempe! *tap my own shoulder* (you should see my face when I open my oven door to check the Tempe after 2 days, I believe my face glowing and my eyes almost pop out).

So Yutan, YOU are able to make Tempe now, what is the occasion that in 2017 you decided to make Tempe? What’s the urgency? You just challenging yourself or what?

Well, see the title above? All because of love. The mother love that breaks all the barriers. My daughter, Olivia who is 3 years old, love eating Tempe. Recently she is so picky about food. And Tempe is one of very limited foods that she willing to eat, happily, without any drama or left over.

Of course I can go to some Asian grocery stores for the Tempe but frozen Tempe in those stores are not fresh and don’t taste good in my opinion. In Toronto we do have fresh (by order) Tempe that taste good, very good in fact. But, it so far away from my place. So, I left no choice but have to be able to make one by myself.

I learned how to make it through some YouTube videos, including how to make the Tempe starter (ragi). I am so impressed by the end result and so grateful for those people who share the recipes online so people like me can make it.

The hardest process was to remove the soy bean’s skin. No easy or fastest way except if you have the machine. Believe me, I went through so many YouTube videos and websites and I decided to stop searching and start to peeling the skin 🙂

Lesson learned from this achievement is we are able to do almost anything beyond our comfort zone. We just need some purposes or motivations. If we can get some support, that would be even better.

I still cannot believe I made Tempe! Are you kidding me? Tempe? In Canada? In 2017? Haha.

Fresh Tempe with homemade Tempe Starter (ragi). Photo:

YuTan (the Tempe lover as well) ?