Earn Cash Back Never This Easy

This post will benefit for Canadian only (sorry for my other readers in the other part of the world). I would like to share how to be a smart shopper at grocery store specifically nowaday when we’re surounding by techonoly of smart phone!

I still love paper/printed coupon even not so crazy about it but what I want to share today is about electronic coupon and all the tips that I found a long the way when I was enjoying saving and happy shopping. How we will saving a lot when we do grocery with the help of out beloved smart phone in hand. So without futher ado, let’s start it!

You should install this amazing flyer collector app.

They post almost all grocery and retail stores across the country every single week/day depend on the expired of the flyer for each store. They even post some flyer one day before for us to preview. Awesome.

They post almost all flyer of grocery and retail stores across the country every single week/day depend on the expired of the flyer for each store. They even post some flyer one day before for us to preview. Awesome.

This juts example of the flyer when we click to look at it. It exactly the same with the paper flyer that Walmart produces.

This just example of the flyer when we click to look at it. It exactly the same with the paper flyer that Walmart printed it.

The coolest of this app is we could clpping the product that we intereted in. And then compare it to another store's flyer to just compare the price.

The coolest of this app is we could clpping the product that we interested in. And then compare it to another store’s flyer to just compare the price.

This clipping section make us easy to look back or it will become our kinda shopping list.

This clipping section make us easy to look back or it will become our kinda shopping list.

We need to have this app in first hand, so we could always uptodate about what’s going on in stores this week.


This is one of the app that give us a cash back/electornic coupon when we did buy one or more products that they posted on that week. The amount of cash back is vary from $0.25 up to $5 depend on the product.

How it works is so simple:

1) Check what the promotion of this week, it something that we need or could stock up? I am not suggesting us to buy the promotion product just for the cash back sake. Buy the one that you need, with coupon/cash back or without you still need to buy this product, in this way, we truly saving some money of our grocery budget of that week.

2) After you find the product that you need, go to any grocery store to buy it and don’t forget to KEEP you receipt.

3) Open the App, capture your entire receipt and claim the cash back! After that they will review your claim for some time and after that if everything is okay and legit, you’ll see the amount you claim already credit it to your account. Collect it until it reach $20 or more so you can start to cash it out. It took around 10 days for you to receive the cheque that send to your door!

Example of this week [From Thu-Wed]

Example of this week [From Thu July 10 – Wed July 16]

I cash out $27.50 before, so my balance now is $16.75 I need to wait until I reach another $20s to cash out another cheque!

I cash out $27.50 before, so my balance now is $16.75 I need to wait until I reach another $20s to cash out another cheque!


It works basically same with Checkout51. But this one you must be very careful, because they don’t really have expire time for each promotion. They said we can claim any promotion within 2 days of our receipt/shopping. They also up and down the promotion product in random time. Because this reason, I am never planning anything with this app. I just do grocery and after that I check if some of my shopping is match with one their promotion. Or I just check their promotion when I already in store just to make sure if the promotion is still available. However, they have one plus thing compare to Checkout51. Snapsaves does have some promotion that doesn’t have limitation, you can claim it again and again as long it still on the app and you follow their rule. You don’t have to wait another week just to check if the promotion that you like is up again or not.

Example of the app that show I'd claimed some prmotion

Example of the app that show I’d claimed some promotion.

I Hit $26 cash back yesterday and cash it out too. Let's see how long it will take for the cheque to arrive!

I Hit $26 cash back yesterday and cash it out too. Let’s see how long it will take for the cheque to arrive!


This is the last cash back app I’d like to share with you. As long as I know, Checkout51 not available for Quebec residents, too bad, huh? but Zweet is available and maybe SnapSaves too. This one has the less promotion each week compare to its compatitors. However, it does have more unbranded product to claim, make us more freedom to shop!

See, unbranded product, so you could buy any or your favourite kechup brand and claim it!

See, unbranded product, so you could buy any or your favourite kechup brand and claim it!

This is the lowest and slowest cash back I work or pursue, haha!

This is the lowest and slowest cash back I work or pursue, haha!


  • I guess CheckOut51 is the pioneer of this App and others are followers.
  • I like Checkout51 more because it has spesific time to claim and almost never run out the cash back in the middle of the week, compare to SnapSaves that so often soldout in the time you want to claim your cash back
  • All cashback app work on the same way
  • At store we normally cannot combine any coupon, but for this one they don’t care if at store you already use another printed coupon for the product that we want to claim
  • Be a smart shopper. With this one we can end up double saving or even tripple saving. How? Wait until the perfect time when you have a printed coupon in hand, the product on sale at store, and last but not least there is cash back for same product in one of these app. Example : Yesterday I bought Olivia’s formula milk (Similac 964gr package), There was on sale at Walmart from $38 something to $34.94, also I had $10 cheque from Similac that I got from my friend  and guess what? at Checkout51 there is $5 cash back for Similac. So I saved neary $20 for that milk, Felt so good! Mission Completed!
  • Don’t be panick, enjoy it not over do it. If you passed the promotion because you forget to claim it or because you just bought the product 2 days ago and why the promotion just come up today, don’t be sad and just move on and continue happy shopping and happy saving.
  • Remember, Use it when you need the product first, not vice versa. In this way, we truly saving and not become consumptive shopper, buying something that actually we don’t need it and end up spend more, this is a big no no in the game of couponing/cashback, haha
  • Did you know that some store have “Match Price” program? I knew Walmart does this. So whenever you see the product that sell in better price than Walmart but you couldn’t shop at that store for some reasons (too far), you could show the flyer on your phone using Flipp apps to asking for price match
  • Most of the retail stores have “Wrong Price Tag” policy. Example: If you see the price tag of a product is let’s say $1 but when you pay, it says $1.25. You can complain at their customer service and prove it to them that they have wrong price tag. They will cover their mistake up to $10. In this example, you get your $1.25 back and you still get the product for free. If the product is $11.50, you just need to pay them $1.50. Most customers don’t know about this and they also pretend they don’t know about this policy, end up they just correct the price and you pay the lowest price, so be smart and speak up!
  • Anyone who know how this work as a company like Checkout51 should create the same company in their country, I guarantee it will work. For people who used or work in agency company, as a marcomm or public relation would know easly how this work. It as simple as asked any company to throw their marketing fund to you and you alocated some into cach back. The hardest part is how to convince the company to trust you? and how to promote your app and make people want to use  it is another challenge!

So guys…. start saving now. You’re welcome 🙂



Piknik Melayu at Belwood Lake

Disebut piknik melayu karena pesertanya 98% melayu, sisa 2%nya adalah yang bukan melayu namun menikah dengan melayu atau brojol dari rahim melayu, hehe. Ini terlepas dari yang masih pegang pasport garuda maupun yang sudah beralih ke pasport daun maple. Pokoknya melayu, suka nggak suka, hidup melayu!

Tau dong kalo hidup sebagai melayu di tanah kelahirannya sendiri, belum tentu bisa menikmati acara-acara seperti piknik di taman, acara yang sifatnya outdoor makin lama makin menghilang. Bukan karena kehilangan peminat namun kondisi dan situasi yang tidak memungkinkan. Polusi udara dan ‘polusi’ lalu lintas adalah kendala utama buat melayu untuk berpiknik ria di taman kota, itu kalo masih ada cukup taman kota yang ‘layak’ dikunjungi. Salah dua yang masih afdol adalah kawasan taman monas dan kebun binatang ragunan di Jakarta.

Bagaimana dengan di daerah? saruah kabeh kalo istilah orang jawa. Saya gak menampik kalo masih ada yang suka beroutdoor ria di tanah air. Lah liat aja kalo sudah musim libur atau ketemu hari libur, penuh itu semua arena rekreasi seperti taman bermain Ancol, tapi lebih banyak mana hayo yang berjubel dan ngadem di mall atau pusat belanja lainnya? Ngomong-ngomong soal Ancol, terakhir dapat kabar katanya tiket masuknya sudah mendekati 1/2 jeti per kepala (?), astaganaga.

Ya, mau dibandingkan kayak gimana pun. Ntah dari ketersediaan fasilitas beroutdoor ria, maupun mental atau budaya dari manusia-manusianya  (baik yang mengelola atau yang ingin menikmati), Kanada jauh lebih unggul dalam hal ini. Tiap jengkal tanah kalo bisa dijadikan taman akan dijadikan taman istilahnya. Di area perumahan saja yang sudah sangat dekat dengan kota dan cukup padat, masih bisa anda temukan taman yang asri dengan pohon yang cukup lebat, jalan setapak yang rapi dan bersih. Tidak ada pedagang kaki lima, hampir tidak ada sampah berserakan, jarang-jarang ada yang mojok di semak-semaknya, hehe.

Ya iyalah Yul, Kanadakan penduduknya dikit sedang luas areanya banyak, wajar saja toh kalo banyak taman kota, mau diapain lagi coba tuh tanah? Eitts… jangan bela diri napa? itu Kalimantan apa nggak kurang luas? Jakarta emang gak luas, tapi siapa suruh pemerintahnya gak mau pake sistem sebar? lempar saja salah satu departemen ke wilayah lain yang masih sepi kalo memang tidak mau sepemerintahan di’buang’ agak jauhan. Banyak yang mengira Toronto atau Vancouver adalah ibukotanya Kanada, tetotttttt salah! Ibukotanya Ottawa. Tapi kok lebih terkenal 2 kota itu ya? karena kota itu kota bisnis dan juga bagus wisatanya sehingga lebih termasyur dikalangan international.

Bahkan kantor imigrasinya sebagian dibagi ke wilayah lain, timur mentok supaya semua kagak harus berjubel ke Ottawa dan bisa dibagi-bagi, sekalian menhidupkan perekonomian dan membangkitkan gairah orang untuk menetap dikota-kota kecil tersebut. Beberapa perusahaan juga disarankan kalo boleh dikatakan agak ‘dipaksa’ untuk bikin perusahaan di kota-kota tertentu, maka hiduplah kota tersebut. Mengapa Indonesia tidak berpikir seperti itu? karena poitisinya cuma mikirin isi perut sendiri, semua mau serba instant, politisi yang bagus, mentalnya gak cukup kuat untuk bertahan waras kalo harus terus menerus dilingkaran koruptor kotor.

Blog judul ini harusnya singkat dan hanya mau share beberapa foto, lah kenpa saya jadi melebar keurusan politik begini? weleh. Ini pasti karena masih sebal sama insiden diskualifikasi tim ganda putri di Olimpiade London 2012 yang tengah berlangsung. Untuk detail kasus ini silahkan google. Belum lagi katanya ada yang diskualifikasi juga karena telat datang saat tanding. What? telat? mau alasan apapun please deh… telat diajang sekaliber ini apa ada alasan yang cukup kuat? apa aja itu kerjaan orang-orang yang datang ikut mendampingi? pelatih? manager? mau jalan-jalan tok? #pret dan #pret lah.

*tarik nafas*

Kita liat foto-foto aja yuk, dari pada sebel hehehe…

Bersepeda ria

Di Indonesia katanya juga lagi booming bersepeda ria, di Singapore juga. Bagus deh…

Bercanoeing ria

Kalo di daerah masih bisa bersampan ria. 9 tahun di Jakarta belum pernah ada kesempatan naik beginian atau yang mirip-mirip 🙁

Bermancing ria

Nah kalo mancing, di Indonesia surganya dah ya… Nenek moyangku pelaut sih hehe… di Kanada urusan mancing lumayan rese, tiap pemancing kudu harus ada sertifikat, tiap mancing ada aturannya, maksimal hanya boleh berapa ekor ikan, jenis-jenis tertentu sekian sekian, duh… rempong deh nekkkkk….

Langsung di eksekusi

Ikan ikan hasil tangkapan keseringan dilepas lagi kalo masih kecil, apalagi yang sedang hamil. Padahal katanya telor ikan lezat, hehe. Karena ini cukup gede dan peserta piknik ramai maka ikan ini langsung di eksekusi di tempat, pemancing yang hardcore biasanya selalu ada atau sedia alat bersihin ikan sekaligus alat masaknya.

Berhammocking ria

Asyiknya leyeh-leyeh di Hammock… sampe digigit lebah, duileh sakittttnya nyutttttttttttttt! untung gak ampe bejol gila, cuma bengkak dikit trus kempes. Jenis lebah kecil sih, bukan lebah ndut ndut bulet kayak yang biasa diliat di Indo 🙂

Berkuda ria?

Ini bukan kuda buat dinaekin kayaknya, kuda para petani disekitar Belwood. Kuda Kanada kenapa rasanya lebih gede-gede ya? apa kudanya makan keju juga? ihik ihik…

Sunny Day

Langit biru dengan awan putih? rada ‘biasa’ disini. Bagi fotografer, kondisi alam seperti ini sangat pas buat motret landscape, kalo di Indo pasti sudah ber”Omg Omg” sambil lelompatan dari mobil dan langsung ambil posisi masing2 buat motret. Indahnya masa-masa itu. Semoga disini saya gak jadi terbiasa dgn pemandangan seperti ini.

Gaharkan langit dan awannya? 😀

Teman fotoku cuma lelaki yang paling dekat ke lensa, yang jauh itu senior… sepuh… sesekali foto bareng, errhhh ini yang pertama kali sih, ihik ihik… kangen hunting segambrengan sama teman2 FN.

Air dimana-mana

Sepanjang pengamatan, dimana ada taman disitu suka ada air. Beberapa memang di pinggir danau, sebagian di tepi  aliran air semcam kali. Apa memang rancangannya seperti itu? mbuh…


Dam yang ada di Belwood

Sebagian Melayu

Bukan melayu kalo nggak gitaran dan nyanyi-nyanyi pas piknik, hahaha…Semua tersenyum ceria, terhibur oleh jentikan gitar lelaki berbaju merah  🙂

Yours truly

Itu kenapa banyangan aja tidak berpihak pada diriku ya? lebar gitu… hahaha… 😀 Yang bertanya-tanya, buykanloh … nggak sedang hamil itu hanya ketimpaan ransel kamera 🙂


Sayang nih kalo pemandangan kayak gini disia-siakan… jadilah kami saling memotret, lompat sana lompat sini, biar panas kagak peduli. Summer will over soon.

Ok, sekian dulu cuap-cuapnya untuk hari ini, kudu bersiap ke dentist (lagi) buat cleaning. Kenapa ya ke dentist itu tidak pernah menyenangkan, tidak seperti mau pergi mall. Belum pernah ada yang bilang “Horeee besok ke dentist” Biar kata dentistnya super baek, tempatnya sangat nice, sekali ogah tepat ogah, Huhuhu I am not looking forward to see my dentist.


Photo : All taken by iPhone and upload to Instgram.

My 33 Birthday!!!

Just like yesterday I said to myself “Welcome to the club thirties“. Time flies like light, so fast!  So here I am, 33. I am kinda like these numbers though, probably because Jesus live only until this age? or because we only get once in ten years to celebrate double numbers? dunno.

Even I am already in club 30s, I always feel I am just 27 or even 24. And I am NOT ready to be called Auntie by others people except my nephew or niece or kids under 10, especially someone already ‘adult’ enough, hahaha… maybe in my 40s I can sincerely accept if people call me auntie. But how about if during that time people start calling me grandma? *dafug*

Last week, we went to picnic at Petticoat, Pickering, ON with church’s fellas. Our pastor (Pak Agus) gave a short preaching about “Number our days” he refered to Psalm 90:12. Which is favorite part for someone celebrating bday. Here the full verse : “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom”. I believe this is just coincidence that the preach talked about this theme on that day. I was so gratefull that I can have a time to think a bit about this verse again. In short Pak Agus said this verse not ask us to counting our day like okay now Wednesday, so next is Thursrday or okay now i am 33 so it’s mean I already spent 33 years of my life on the earth. But instead what we already done in our life, in our days that God give it to us. Hope we can spend our life with something meaningful, eternal and the most important can glorify our Lord. ( Okay the conclution maybe different from what the pastor said, You know, sometimes we ‘play’ with out mind when we listen to somebody, hahaha )

So having said that, I am not sure if I’ve done something meaningful or something can last forever or glory God if not turn the opposite, fuhhh… I think people who knows me can answer this question and meanwhile I will continue to live my life as best as I could and wish at least my family proud of me *wink*

On that special day, actually nothing special happen, just past like other days. However the following day I had small party in our apartment, I cooked and invited couple of friends. So here some pictures I’d like to share with all of you.

Afternoon, Friday, July 20

Yes, I partied with myself! 😀 went for the first time to local Korean restaurant nearby called Chodang Soontofu. I read the review on Yelp and plan to give it a try. The time when I was arrived there are some occupied tables. Nobody actually greeting me and I chose to seat near the entrance door, afterward the waitress looked at me and nodded her head, but she kept busy to served the other tables, being out and into the kitchen like iron machines and didn’t bring me the menu book or ask what I’d like to drink like usually when we eat in the restaurant. After almost 10 minutes got ignore I plan to stay a bit, if nothing happen for the next 5 minutes I’d go with empty stomach and grumpy face, haha.

Maybe she can read my mind so after I plan like that she finally came to my table, Yay! I ordered Seafood Soontofu, one of my favorite Korean’s food. And suddenly the foods was coming one by one, first the side dishes and follow by fish, a whole fried fish! I little bit shocked, what? feel guilty let me wait an ages and compliment me with this whole fish? and then the soon tofu and the last but not leat the rice in hot bowl. Can you imagine how many time she need to come and back, come and back just to serve one table? that’s so much work! I refuse to eat the fish, maybe she wrong served the fish to me, so I won’t get caught eat the fish that I didn’t order, hahaha… but after I finished half of my soontofu which’s I felt not so delicious like the soontofu I used to eat I starting to eat the fish.

The first impression was OH EM GI!!!! This must be a fish who live in heaven. Why SO delicious??? the meat was so sweet and salty as well from some sauce they used. After all I finished everything on my table, Yes I was that hungry! Hahaha… So the time is worth to wait. 2nd time I asked Hadi and Sursandi to try this restaurant, I chose Mix Soontofu this time and all of us was satisfied and got the whole fish for each, Yay! Oh yes, don’t underestimate the white tofu that you can see from the picture above, dipping it to the special soy sauce and your mouth will full of joy! Haha…

Evening, Friday, July 20

After Hadi finished his work, We went to 168 All You Can Eat Sushi with Sursandi also. It little bit pricey compare to the similar restaurant in Halifax and the key to enjoy the restaurant like this is more people come together the more merrier. So you can order/try more variety foods. I got my first bday cake from them! Fried Ice Cream hahaha… and I asked them ” No Music or singing please” haha… too shy! 😀 After the dinner, we went to watch The Dark Knight Rises. This movie took around 3 hours ( included the ads ) so we ended up going home near midnight. Did’t plan to going home this late since we had cycling event the next morning, Haisss!  So that’s my event on my special day, nothing so special right? But I was happy…. !! The Batman blast my day and that night I hope I dream Christian Bale, Haha….

Evening, Saturday, July 21

After cycling in the morning with some Indonesian friends, We were rush to going home and did last preparation for my bday party with friends. I cooked some desserts the day before and cooked another on that day, I also ordered my bday cake from Sale & Bake, a local cake store nearby. Hope my friends full enough on that night, since I am not serving main course but only appetizers and desserts and drinks! LOL

Here the close up of my bday cake

Lemon Cake

I didn’t put my name on it, Instead I put numbers candle. Which is not popular nowadays except for kids bday. I am too shy to see my name on bday cake but not shame to see numbers on my bday cake, I know… I am just too weird! I bouth the candles lately because I am not sure the candle’s color will match my cake. When I picked up the cake and saw they used green icing for the words I told Hadi that I plan to buy a candles but not sure bacauce the candle has green color, and now all turned out perfect, the color is match! so Hadi said let’s go grab the candles and we walked to Bulk and Barn to buy it 🙂

Friends sang a bday song for me and I ended it up with wishing for a baby! This our conversation :

Friend : You need to make a wish

Me : Okay

Friend : Why so fast???

Me : Yes it fast, I just have one word, Baby!

Friends : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you cannot let people knows what you wish for…. ( I still giggling when I remember they reaction went hysterical, LOL )

Me : Why?

Friend : They said the wish will not coming true

Me : Nah, I don’t believe such of thing. If people know what I wish probably they would help me to pray, so it’s good right?

Friends : -______-”

Hhahahaha…. Okay, that’s all my 33 bday’s story! See you next year birtdieeee…