My 33 Birthday!!!

Just like yesterday I said to myself “Welcome to the club thirties“. Time flies like light, so fast!ย  So here I am, 33. I am kinda like these numbers though, probably because Jesus live only until this age? or because we only get once in ten years to celebrate double numbers? dunno.

Even I am already in club 30s, I always feel I am just 27 or even 24. And I am NOT ready to be called Auntie by others people except my nephew or niece or kids under 10, especially someone already ‘adult’ enough, hahaha… maybe in my 40s I can sincerely accept if people call me auntie. But how about if during that time people start calling me grandma? *dafug*

Last week, we went to picnic at Petticoat, Pickering, ON with church’s fellas. Our pastor (Pak Agus) gave a short preaching about “Number our days” he refered to Psalm 90:12. Which is favorite part for someone celebrating bday. Here the full verse : “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom”. I believe this is just coincidence that the preach talked about this theme on that day. I was so gratefull that I can have a time to think a bit about this verse again. In short Pak Agus said this verse not ask us to counting our day like okay now Wednesday, so next is Thursrday or okay now i am 33 so it’s mean I already spent 33 years of my life on the earth. But instead what we already done in our life, in our days that God give it to us. Hope we can spend our life with something meaningful, eternal and the most important can glorify our Lord. ( Okay the conclution maybe different from what the pastor said, You know, sometimes we ‘play’ with out mind when we listen to somebody, hahaha )

So having said that, I am not sure if I’ve done something meaningful or something can last forever or glory God if not turn the opposite, fuhhh… I think people who knows me can answer this question and meanwhile I will continue to live my life as best as I could and wish at least my family proud of me *wink*

On that special day, actually nothing special happen, just past like other days. However the following day I had small party in our apartment, I cooked and invited couple of friends. So here some pictures I’d like to share with all of you.

Afternoon, Friday, July 20

Yes, I partied with myself! ๐Ÿ˜€ went for the first time to local Korean restaurant nearby called Chodang Soontofu. I read the review on Yelp and plan to give it a try. The time when I was arrived there are some occupied tables. Nobody actually greeting me and I chose to seat near the entrance door, afterward the waitress looked at me and nodded her head, but she kept busy to served the other tables, being out and into the kitchen like iron machines and didn’t bring me the menu book or ask what I’d like to drink like usually when we eat in the restaurant. After almost 10 minutes got ignore I plan to stay a bit, if nothing happen for the next 5 minutes I’d go with empty stomach and grumpy face, haha.

Maybe she can read my mind so after I plan like that she finally came to my table, Yay! I ordered Seafood Soontofu, one of my favorite Korean’s food. And suddenly the foods was coming one by one, first the side dishes and follow by fish, a whole fried fish! I little bit shocked, what? feel guilty let me wait an ages and compliment me with this whole fish? and then the soon tofu and the last but not leat the rice in hot bowl. Can you imagine how many time she need to come and back, come and back just to serve one table? that’s so much work! I refuse to eat the fish, maybe she wrong served the fish to me, so I won’t get caught eat the fish that I didn’t order, hahaha… but after I finished half of my soontofu which’s I felt not so delicious like the soontofu I used to eat I starting to eat the fish.

The first impression was OH EM GI!!!! This must be a fish who live in heaven. Why SO delicious??? the meat was so sweet and salty as well from some sauce they used. After all I finished everything on my table, Yes I was that hungry! Hahaha… So the time is worth to wait. 2nd time I asked Hadi and Sursandi to try this restaurant, I chose Mix Soontofu this time and all of us was satisfied and got the whole fish for each, Yay! Oh yes, don’t underestimate the white tofu that you can see from the picture above, dipping it to the special soy sauce and your mouth will full of joy! Haha…

Evening, Friday, July 20

After Hadi finished his work, We went to 168 All You Can Eat Sushi with Sursandi also. It little bit pricey compare to the similar restaurant in Halifax and the key to enjoy the restaurant like this is more people come together the more merrier. So you can order/try more variety foods. I got my first bday cake from them! Fried Ice Cream hahaha… and I asked them ” No Music or singing please” haha… too shy! ๐Ÿ˜€ After the dinner, we went to watch The Dark Knight Rises. This movie took around 3 hours ( included the ads ) so we ended up going home near midnight. Did’t plan to going home this late since we had cycling event the next morning, Haisss!ย  So that’s my event on my special day, nothing so special right? But I was happy…. !! The Batman blast my day and that night I hope I dream Christian Bale, Haha….

Evening, Saturday, July 21

After cycling in the morning with some Indonesian friends, We were rush to going home and did last preparation for my bday party with friends. I cooked some desserts the day before and cooked another on that day, I also ordered my bday cake from Sale & Bake, a local cake store nearby. Hope my friends full enough on that night, since I am not serving main course but only appetizers and desserts and drinks! LOL

Here the close up of my bday cake

Lemon Cake

I didn’t put my name on it, Instead I put numbers candle. Which is not popular nowadays except for kids bday. I am too shy to see my name on bday cake but not shame to see numbers on my bday cake, I know… I am just too weird! I bouth the candles lately because I am not sure the candle’s color will match my cake. When I picked up the cake and saw they used green icing for the words I told Hadi that I plan to buy a candles but not sure bacauce the candle has green color, and now all turned out perfect, the color is match! so Hadi said let’s go grab the candles and we walked to Bulk and Barn to buy it ๐Ÿ™‚

Friends sang a bday song for me and I ended it up with wishing for a baby! This our conversation :

Friend : You need to make a wish

Me : Okay

Friend : Why so fast???

Me : Yes it fast, I just have one word, Baby!

Friends : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you cannot let people knows what you wish for…. ( I still giggling when I remember they reaction went hysterical, LOL )

Me : Why?

Friend : They said the wish will not coming true

Me : Nah, I don’t believe such of thing. If people know what I wish probably they would help me to pray, so it’s good right?

Friends : -______-”

Hhahahaha…. Okay, that’s all my 33 bday’s story! See you next year birtdieeee…



#18-365 Project

Tulisan no. 18 ini telat sampai 2 hari.

Malam tanggal 18 tersebut, gua menghabiskan waktu kurang lebih 4-5 jam untuk membuat nastar sehabis pulang kerja, capeknya luarbinasa karena berdiri terus menerus selama itu. Dapur disini sempit dan kebiasaan ngerjain apapun disana berdiri, karena malas mengotori ruang makan yang bersebelahanย  dengan dapur yang ada meja yang bisa di pakai sebenarnya. Ya sudahlah, intinya project ini ‘gagal’ karena telat update selama 2 hari pula, haha.

Disimak saja gambarnya ya ๐Ÿ˜€

Nastar setengah jadi

nastar masa kini, bentuk tulang :p

Nastar matang versi bulat dengan selai nanas suka-suka ๐Ÿ™‚

Dari A-Z Nastar

Selamat menyambut tahun baru imlek, aka Lunar new year ya semuanya… semoga tahun depan lebih baik lagi ๐Ÿ˜€


~ Muffin ~

I love to eat muffin, I love Tim Hortons’s Blueberry and Raspberry whole wheat muffin. Sweet, crispy on the top and also a dish best accompanied with a cup of hot chocolate!

So, I need to know how to make it. When I know the way to make a muffin, I amย so thrilled; This is must be too good to be true. The ingredients are so simple and flexible to mix and match. The best thing is NO NEED an electrical mixer!!! Yeah, I love baking and cooking. However I don’t like the ending of the process, which is CLEANING all stuff I used. Never enjoy it! ๐Ÿ˜€

My first Muffin, didn’t meet my expectation. Too bad. The tasted not sweet enough, which for me is a HUGE mistake, cake MUST BE sweet. I supposed to used my common sense when I was measuring the sugar, I was following a recipe I found on internet. Why they use so little sugar? Bah, forget it. I feel sorry to my friends; they must eat those โ€˜lessโ€™ sugar muffins, haha.

Today, I made my second muffin! This time I used my own recipe ( read : Pure using common sense ) So don’t ask me the recipe, I cannot tell you the exact number, sorry! I used Self-rising flour, Milk, Egg, Butter, Sugar, Cheese and chocolate! Mix them all and bake for 25-30 minutes (until brown).

Here the pictures… this time, much better! ๐Ÿ˜€ Not 100% success, but practise makes perfect, so I will try it again, anytime soon with different ingredients, any idea? Except banana! Haha.

My second try muffin ( Cheese & Chocolate )


Inside the muffin, nom nom nom


Yours truly with her muffins ^^

My husband, my cake's tester, haha

All pictures taken by Xperia10 with PUDDING CAMERA APP, Chio max and UBERcute, rite?! ๐Ÿ˜€