It’s positive!!!

I have been dragging myself too long to write this post, part one of my pregnancy journey. Don’t blame me, blame pregnancy hormone, pregnancy sickness and the last one, blame this computer room that dosen’t has enough oxigent for me to inhale.

Some of you that know me and my husband this past 3 years, may know may not know our journey about having a baby.To cut the story short, after the plan was changed or postponed due to moving to Toronto from Halifax, we started it again. Well, I would say I was the one who prepared it first by didn’t take any medication for my face/skin. I do have a severe agne problem and had taken some medication for a while, and completely stopped it about more than one year ago. This agne medication (prescribed by doctor) is a big no no when you plan to have a baby (I won’t explaint it here, do googling if you are interested or curious about this matter).

I read somewhere sometimes ago, at least take 6 months to clean your body from any medication that can cause child birth defect before you & your couple seriuosly want to conceive. After I didn’t take that medication, surprise surprise… those agne start party on my face,again. *annoyed* but it’s okay, seriously, it’s okay!

That is one of the physically action that we/i took. The other was book appointment with our new family doctor, who knows that we have some problem with our body right? Just ask for check up to make sure everything is ready. But before the scheduled date, I was postive pregnant, 5 weeks!

One that I want to share is more about my mental during this journey, erhh.. I mean the journey about wanting a baby. Since I was very young, let’s say around 10 years old, I already can carry a newborn baby. I didn’t afraid, everytime I had a chance to carry or play with them, I’ll do. I just love baby and toddler, the cute one of course *cough cough*. By telling this, I would like you to know that one day I want my very own baby, the little human that can call me mommy.

After I got married, and like other major married couples, you want or probably you will have a baby, yay! Everytime if some friends got married, the next thing in 3 months you will heard is they are expecting! I’m happy for them,  they make it looks like so easy, like it was an automatic machine, married, wait 3 months and voila you are 2 months pregnant, LOL.

—- Above post I wrote on Aug 22, 2013 (4 month pregnant) —-

And now Aug 12, 2014, almost a year later, I will continue to write this post, haha

I remember that early morning when I did pregnancy test using drug store pregnancy test pack, it was around 4am when I needed to pee. They said the first pee in the morning is a very good sample and I really wanted to know the result and let Hadi know, if I skip this moment the next pee would be around 7/8am and he probably already left to go to office.

Back to around 1 week before that morning, It actually my ‘red’ due date. My period is VERY regular each month, well maybe miss 1 or maximum 2 days. That week was the longest week ever in my life. To be honest, I wasn’t expect to get pregnant that month but waiting the period to come was killing me. Sometime I felt like my back bone was iching, I felt tired, and those were sign of the period will coming soon. Everytime I went to pee, I was so scary and worry, deep down in my heart I was praying, please… please… don’t you ever dare to show up! haha.

After 4 days passed, I REALLY wanted to do the test! I only had 1 pregnancy tester left in my bathroom drawer, it’s like a bullet, my precious bullet, the last one that I hope I used it and all is WORTH! When Hadi knew I want to test it, he said just wait until it reach 1 week. He probably didn’t want to see my sad face, 3 days earlier, haha. Yeah, everytime the result came negative, I will run to him and said, no luck this month with my no hope face, haha.

I remembered one night we went to watching a movie. On the way to the theater when I was driving I felt something came out down there. “Oh shoot” I said to him, “I think I got my period”. He suggested we go home and canceled the movie. I said “No, I will check when we reach theater and decided later” but on my mind, I was pretty sure, that ugly red face is coming, I plan just to stuck a bunch of tissue and proceed to watch a movie to convert my anger!!! Sorry if this post contain some yucky stuff, lol.

Hey, It was nothing down there! hooray…. Let’s watch the movie. I forgot though what movie we watched that night. I just remember I ate popcorn and drank pop and my tummy was bloated!

I quiet surprise I could be that patient, waiting until I reach 1 week late. Usually I test on the due date even a day before. Yeah yeah, blame that pregancy tester that said they can give an acurate result 5 days before the period! When I told one of my closest friend, she was the one that persued me to do the test NOW! “Do it now and let me know the result” she texted me. I replied “Nah, I will wait the next day” I was that patient, maybe I just don’t want to be sad so fast, let me ‘enjoy’ this late period moment, haha.

So, that 4 am when I did the test, I peed on the stick if you don’t know how does preganacy tester works, lol and we need to wait until the result appear in the tester’s screen. I put the stick on top the sink and continue cleaning. Oh my… I tried to not let myself to had a hope even only little tiny hope. I just ‘blank’ myself and pick it up to see the result.

And this what I saw:

Tester1I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! I shocked, I looked it again, doubted a bit that the line was a bit blur but OVER JOY when the thick line was the vertical one! This cannot go wrong!!! Yay!!! I got out from bathroom, make a noise to made Hadi woke up and told him the good news! I want to record his expreesion but it’s still too dark, lol.

Couple days later, I bought other tester pack. Just want to make sure! When all was well and confirmed, we started to spread the news to our family and friends. We just too happy not to share this news. And this was what I sent to them:

tester2And the journey begins…

I had posted my experienced in operation room here when I gave birth and plan to write another pregnancy related post about My oh my… challenging pregnancy, yup I almost got pre-ecclamsia and had to stayed at hosital for 2 weeks when I was in my 29 weeks pregnancy, not mention about countless hospital visit after that. Wish I am not too lazy or even worst , forrgot the detail story to share it here.


Ps. We went to Etobicoke’s farmers market the other day

Olivia’s 1st Outdoor PRO Photo Session

Model: Olivia Muliawan | Age: 7 Month | Gender: Female | Weight: +/- 15lbs | Heigh: +/- 70cm | Eye Color: Dark Brown | Hair Color: Black

Photographer: Mommy | Assistant Photographer: Grandma | Stylist: Mommy & Olivia | Wardrobe: Personal | Accessories: Personal

Location: Highpark, Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Date: Aug 6, 2014

Camera: Canon EOS 7D | Lens: 50mm F1.8

combo1 combo2 combo3 combo4 combo5Mommy’s NOTE:

I used to work at Sears photo studio in Halifax around 2 years ago and 90% of my customer was parents with babies! Now I know  and can related when they said “Oh, I like that one better, It show her/his personality” or “I want that one, that’s how she/he smiles” or something like that, when I sat with them in front of the computer to look all their baby pictures I took that day. Sometimes, I just didn’t understand, for me that picture probably little bit blur, the composision was odd, or just simply the baby face wasn’t cute enough like other pictures in my opinion. BUT at the end they chose whatever they liked and as a professional photographer, as long as your customer happy, that’s enough and consider as success ^^. So, when I look all the pictures I took this afternoon, no matter how bad the quality (exposure, angle, etc) of the picture, I LIKE it just because Olivia so cute on that pic, haha.

We had so much fun during the photo session, I wasn’t prepare so much since this was our first professional photo session and I didn’t know what will going on. Turned out not so bad, I just went a bit crazy to made Olivia smiles.

After so long I refused to take a picture using my DSLR camera and getting comfortable with Handphone camera, it felt so good to be back to ‘heavy bulky blacky camera’ haha! Definitely will have more photo session with her in the future. Excited!

Olivia’s NOTE:

I didn’t know what’s mommy doing in the park. She kept calling my name and made a fake snizzing sound, I guessed she tried to make me smile, of course I smile, she was so silly. We had fun in the park, we go to this place so often, since I was a baby, errhh… I mean when I was a little baby, I am a big baby now. But today visit was a bit special, mommy let me sit on the ground, she even made me lay down on my tummy, She knew I hate this position but I gave it a try, actually I did it so I could had a chance to pull some grass though. haha.

Grandma looked so happy too, She made sure I wore my pretty headband. When mommy stopped looking at me through some funny black box, I snacking with Grandma. It called picnic in the park, I like it… I like drinking my milk and looking to the trees, they are so high and greeny.

Mommy said we will going out more often before the weather getting cold. I am looking forward to have fun with mommy and grandma in our next visit to the park!

Happy 35th To Me

The best present I ever had!

The best present I’ve  ever had!

Suka tidak suka, mau tidak mau, disini aku di umurku yang ke 35, ih…  gilingan cabe, sudah tua aku ya! Kalo hidup sampai umur 70 tahun, itu artinya aku sudah menghabiskan 50% jatah hidupku didunia. Oke nggak usah muluk-muluk mikir kejauhan, 35 itu artinya 5 tahun lagi sudah masuk ke klub 40s, klubnya tante-tante yang sah dan absolut!

Sewaktu mau nulis blog ini, sempat baca blog yang aku post waktu merayakan ulang tahun yang ke-33. Lihat fotonya saja sudah terlihat beda, nampak lebih muda padahal cuma selisih 2 tahun. Sudah kebayang sih ntar pas upload post ulang tahun yang ke-40 bentuk fotonya kayak apa, lol. Tok-tok wood Yutan kata anda-anda sekalian yang sayang sama aku, jangan takabur, emang yakin bener bisa merakayan ultah yang ke-40? hihi bener juga ya, tapi ini joke lah, separah-parahnya kondisi fisik, so far belum pernah sampai lost confident dan lagi hidup itu harus penuh keoptimisan, apalagi sejak Jokowi berhasil jadi presiden RI ke-7, sebuah harapan baru untuk negeri tercinta, kalo perlu ditunda dululah untuk ganti kewarganegaraan-nya. #gakfokus #lagilagijokowi

Ngomong-ngomong soal umur 40, itu batas waktu buat aku untuk menghasilkan sebuah buku. Iya, menulis kan salah satu hobi, punya buku karangan sendiri itu cita-cita yang terpendam sejak lama. Kenapa harus umur 40 batas akhirnya? sebenarnya sih sudah “nyerah” buat punya buku, mikirnya cuma ih nggak salah lo? udah tua udah nggak cocok kali jadi penulis, siapa juga yang mau nerbitin? Tapi lihat dong penulis buku “The sound of Music” si Maria Von Trapp, dia nulis buku terkenal itu saat dia sudah umur 40 tahun, toh sukses-sukses aja, jadi aku nggak mau kalah dong, masih ada sisa 5 tahun untuk mengwujudkannya. Tapi aku punya feeling kalo sampai menjelang 40 nanti baru akan mulai nulis plot buku-ku, aku kan si Miss Last Minutes yang harus dalam  keadaan terdesak baru keluar semua ide-ide cemerlangnya, lol.

Ini post tentang ultah ke-35 kenapa malah fast forward sampai ke umur 40 sih? #lagilagigagalfokus *tepok jidat, jidatnya Wowo*

Tahun ini memilih merayakan ultah ke Niagara Falls pake nginap, selain ada teman yang sedang berkunjung ke Toronto, juga sekalian dibikin special karena esok harinya adalah ultah mama ku. Iya, ibu anak cuma beda sehari aja ultahnya.

Pagi-pagi setelah beres urusan Olivia, kami berangkat ke Kebun Cherry dulu, kebetulan weekend itu sedang peak seasonnya cherry terus juga searah jalan ke NF. Cerita soal petik Cherry sendiri bisa dibaca disini.

Selesai petik memetik kami jalan ke St Catharines buat cari makan siang, berkat bantuan Nyonya Yelp kami memutuskan untuk coba Restoran AYCE Jepang. Namanya Wind Japanese & Thai Restaurant. Tadinya mau ke resto disebelahnya tapi kok sepi senyap gitu, jadinya kami coba yang ini dan ramai sekali. Harga sih sama dengan yang di Toronto, soal rasa dan varian masakannya aku harus akui yang ini lebih baik. Baca-baca review, banyak yang sengaja nyebrang dari Buffalo, USA hanya untuk makan siang disini. Jadi kalo sampai nyasar disekitar lokasi ini dan bingung makan apaan, ini salah satu yang aku rekomendasi.

Berhubung hari Minggu kemarin tepat hari ultahku, maka sebagai seseorang yang cheap aku harus tanya apa mereka ada special threat buat yang sedang birthday. Biasanya suka ada free special dessert, satu yang aku lupa, mereka suka nyanyiin lagu bday dan seantero restoran akan melihat kearah kita. Betapa malunya sudah bangkotan masih dinyanyikan lagu ultah.

Oh we have a coconut cheese cake and happy birthday for you” kata si waitress berwajah bulat dan manis. Aku cengengesan dong, ngebayangin cheese cake, mau coconut kek, mau mango kek, mau durian kek, cheese cake is a cheese cake, cannot resist it! haha. Sampai lupa untuk pesan, please…. jangan pake nyanyi-nyanyi ya.

Jadilah ada adegan nyanyi-nyanyi, sewaktu mereka siap-siap nyalain lilin dari kejauhan, suami sudah nyolek-nyolek “Tuh tuh, buat dikau tuh” dengan wajah senyam senyum senang kalo aku “dipermalukan” sejagat restoran. Pas lihat itu dan teringat adegan nyanyi, langsung pengen tepok jidat dan nyungsep kebawah kolong meja.

Ya sudah pasrah deh, tapi yang bikin mau nangis itu sih bukan malunya, tapi lihat coconut cheese cakenya yang ternyata hanya segede dan setipis tiket timezone, duh *tepok jidat, jidatnya si Wowo lagi* nggak sebanding dengan mukaku yang harus ditebal-tebalin demi free special dessert, lol. Kapok kamu ya sekarang, lol. Tapi nggak jadi nangis, nggak jadi malu deh, soalnya tuh cheese cake endang bambang yummy yummy gimana gitu, haha.

Mushroom roll beef, my favorite menu at AYCE Japanese Restaurant :)

Mushroom roll beef, my favorite menu at AYCE Japanese Restaurant 🙂

Compliment from Wind Japanese Restaurant

Compliment from Wind Japanese Restaurant

Selesai makan kami langsung bertolak ke Niagara Fall untuk check in hotel. Kali ini kami inap di Howard Johnson Hotel yang letaknya sangat strategis, tinggal jalan kaki aja kemana-mana selama jalan-jalan disini, parkir mobil di sekitaran Falls kan mahal. Ini aja hotel walau kita inap disana tetap kudu bayar parkir walau lebih murah daripada yang bukan tamu hotel.

Salah satu aktivitas yang tidak boleh dilewatkan kalo kalian berkunjung ke Niagara Fall untuk pertama kalinya atau paling tidak kudu pernah mencobanya sekali adalah naik kapal yang membawa kita dekat ke air terjun. Dulu namanya Maid of the mist, sekarang sudah ganti company dan namanya jadi Hornblower. Bayar sekitar $20/adult tax included. Jadilah sore menjelang malam itu kami naik itu, ingat betul pengalaman pertama naik beginian sekitar 3 tahun lalu, sangat-sangat terkesan akan kedasyatan alam, jadi pas nyokab disini, itu salah satu yang ingin eike tunjukin ke nyokab dan hasilnya nggak sia-sia, nyokab senang banget.

I am grateful to have her in my life and had to experienced this Hornblower with her was beyond amazing. Another bucketlist checked! :D

I am grateful to have her in my life and had to experienced this Hornblower with her was beyond amazing. Another bucketlist checked! 😀

Second time for them to visit Niagara Fall, This time around more enjoyeable. Olivia more aware of what's  happening around her and the weather certainly more warmer than the last time when we came here.

Second time for them to visit Niagara Fall, This time around more enjoyeable. Olivia more aware of what’s happening around her and the weather certainly more warmer than the last time when we came here.

Malam di Falls kami habiskan dengan menyaksikan kembang api yang hanya ada selama musim panas setiap Jumat dan Minggu malam jam 10pm. Kembang api dengan latar belakang Falls yang berwarna-warni karena disorot lampu tembak menambah kemegahan ciptaan Tuhan tersebut. Sembari menunggu kembang api, kami (hanya saya dan nyokab saja, suami sukarela tinggal di hotel buat jaga bayi yang sudah jam-nya tidur) jalan-jalan dulu disekitar area Fall yang banyak pertokoan dan permainan disepanjang jalannya.

Total durasi kembang api 6 menit. Worth to wait sampai jam 10 malam dan sedikit berdesak-desakan dengan pengunjung lain untuk dapat spot terbaik. What a day we had!

Sky Wheel, one of the attraction at Niagara Fall. The ticket around $12 I believe, gotta to try it one day.

Sky Wheel, one of the attraction at Niagara Fall. The ticket around $12 I believe, gotta to try it one day.

Got spent my bday night with this lady from Halifax! #happy #bff

Got spent my bday night with this lady from Halifax! #happy #bff

It felt like the entire Niagara Fall, wish me a very happy 35th Bday, haha :)

It felt like the entire Niagara Fall, wish me a very happy 35th Bday, haha 🙂

Kalo di ultah ke-33 wish-nya adalah punya baby dan wish ke-34 adalah kelancaran proses kehamilan dan melahirkan, maka wish ke-35 adalah … ? Please jangan cepat-cepat masuk angka 40, lol j/k #lagilagiangka40 Hmm… apa ya? kayaknya prioritas dan tujuan hidup sudah berubah haluan sejak ada Olivia, all I want is her happiness, melihat dia sehat, ceria dan aktif sudah lebih dari cukup, yang lain-lain hanya bonus. Tentu untuk membuat dia sehat, ceria dan aktif perlu usaha dan doa dari orang tuanya dalam hal ini eike dan bapaknya, kami kudu sehat dan happy juga dong, jadi bisa rawat dia dengan baik. Ok deh… wishnya jadi apa ya kalo di sum up? lol Kok jadi banyak? Ya Tuhan taulah apa maunya eike, bahkan sampai ke doa-doa/harapan yang tak terucapkan. Amin.