My Shutterstock’s Galery [as of July 27, 2018]

My Shutterstock’s galery :


[Review] Jollibee at Scarborough, Ontario

Went there after they opened the store for about one month. Heard about this fast food chain since last year and all I heard was how good it is. So, ever since then I eager to try them when I have a chance. The chance was coming after all but I had to wait for a good whole month to get to proof  all the hype I heard.

Actually, I went there when they already opened for one week, but the line was 2 full tents of people. Nah, I won’t wait for food for that long, even if it’s for free. That time, the waiting time was estimated up to 4 hours. No, thanks!

So I went there couple days ago, when I was parking my car I didn’t see any form of line, at least one tent that I passed was empty. I was full of hope and little that I knew, there was a line in another tent, I thought even though there would be a line, it won’t that long and they must learn through the whole month experiences to fasten the line. I walked to the tent with my daughter and there was almost half tent full of people. They gave me a Q card number and little information about quantity and amount of money I could spend (Max $50 and 2 bucket of chicken). Sweet, So I won’t going crazy inside to grab everything, haha kidding.

For half tent of people we had to wait for about 45 minutes, everybody look excited, old and young, men and women, adult and kids, every single one (except maybe for my daughter) patiently waiting their time, to exchange their money to a piece of chicken, spagetti or palabo.

So here my review :

Service ***** 5 stars (employees are friendly, full of smile, I feel welcome )

Place **** 4 stars  (new and clean but not big enough, there is only 2 cashier machines)

Food ***** 5 stars (for the taste compare to other retail fast food and for their varians of food and drink, they have steamed RICE!)

Price ****  4 stars (reasonable but expect to spend more than you normally spend on fast food chain because of all food you want to try)

Overall, This place will earn my return. If I was happen in the area near meal time, I would pop in if the line is not so crazy long.

They are going to open another Jolibee in Mississauga (same building with the Seafood City/Hearthland) sometime July this year.

Combo B (6 pcs of chicken, 1 spaghetti family size, 3 pcs peach mango pie) $30-ish

They want you to be jolly… Jollibee’s mascot

World needs more Jolibee for sure, haha.


She said “I love you, mommy”

On Nov 7, 2017 after we were back from park (also school before the park), while I was unlocking her from car seat, she said “mommy… mommy…” a bit curious of what she would say i simple reply “yes?” And when I reached her to get out from the car seat, she hugged me tight and said “I love you, mommy”. Awwww… such a sweet words and gesture.

She never said that before. Despite I told her millions of time that I love her and also asked her another millions time if she loves me. Hehe. She never really answer or I would say she never really understood the meaning of love. In Bahasa Indonesia “love” can mean “sayang”, She refers sayang to hug something tighter (usually her plush toy).

So that day, I was beyond happy. I still don’t know till today, what’s trigger her to say that. Did she just learn it at school? Did she missed me and just blurted it out that day? Did she just see other kids do that to their mom?

She is 3 years old and 10 months. I’ll lock that 3 seconds moment deep down in my heart and my mind. Forever.

I love you too my baby. To the moon and back, countless time. May Dear Lord shape you into the person that He wants you to be.

Oh btw, will you say “I love you, mommy” with warm soft kitty pur pur hug more often? I won’t get enough of that, I promise. And if one day you read this post and I am not around, we just as close as your knee to the floor. Pray baby. I am always in your heart.

Mommy loves you, SO MUCH.

Aku SAYANG, Olivia!