#28 – 365 Project


It’s time to stay longer on bed, haha.

Went to friend’s house to have a hotpot. We went there aroung 5pm, all friends and new friends were preparing the food, we had shrimp, squid, beef, veggies, tofu, mushroom, etc. Wow! Eat a lot and ending it with ice cream.

After finished our hot pot on the floor… ( actually, we still have a lot of food left, and decide it to have a 2nd hotpot tomorrow LOL ) we played game, UNO. Always hillarious, haha… Tonight must be my lucky night, I won about 4 games from total 10-12 games we played, happy 🙂

And before midnight, we need to come back home, both of us cannot drive after 12 am, LOL. Hope you all have a nice Saturday also.

Happy Sunday!


#22-365 Project

Frozen coke!

The weather  was super cold yeterday. The bottle of coke that I left in the car, was frozen the next day, Haha.

Minus 11 + windchill. However, that was a sunny Sunday.

Sunny Sunday


What a day!

After went to church, we had Indonesian gathering at Lulu & Pak Ming’s house. They served so many mouth watering foods. I ate a lot, hehe. We gathered together to celebrate Lunar New Year aka Imlek. It suppose to be today ( Jan 23rd ) but we did it 1 day earlier, on Weekend. So everyone could come and join. It’s lovely Sunday with a bunch of friends and good food!