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Last Sunday we went to Cherry Avenue Farms, to picking some cherries and it was so crowded! What I mean by crowded is CROWDED! Like more than an hundred cars on their “temporary” parking lot!

Red Dark Cherry ready to pick!

Red Dark Cherry ready to pick!

This was the second time for me to pick cherry, the first time was in Halifax and on that day, it was only us (a group of 10 people) and several people in total not more than 25 people and 5 cars!

That’s why before we enter the farm, we saw a guy standing on the road, in front of the farm to give direction to all cars that seemed wanting to go to the farm. I told my husband “Wah, this farm so professional, they even hired a parking guy” and uh oh… when our car finally entered the farm, what we saw was more parking guys and an  hundreds of cars, wow… I immediately felt a bit worry, do they still have a cherry left for us to pick???

For every person enter the farm, we need to pay $4/adult. That amount will deduct to our purchase of the fruit at the end. On that day the cherry was $2.25/lbs, for every cherry you eat inside the farm is FREE. So actually it’s pretty good deal, not mention about the experienced we had after that.

This certainly new and interesting activity for my mom! She so excited to pick her own cherry and not bother to ask me, she just picked picked until I checked and uh oh, she picked the one that not ready to pick yet, so funny! She insisted that it was red enough to pick, haha until I told her, this was Red Dark kind of cherry, must pick the one that very dark red one. LOL

The farm truck brought us the the centre of the farm, where the cherry wasn’t pick yet, it ran every 10 minutes and it was convenience. Olivia enjoyed all the time we spent on the farms, she even not asking her milk when it was already the time, haha. We end up pick 5 lbs in total that cost us $11.25. So I lost $0.75, haha… because you pay when you over pick but not get change if you under pick. But it’s okay… Husband and mom ate a lot in the farm, haha.

We will return to this farm to pick another fruits. They have nectarine, plum, peach and apricots, just looking at the fruits already make me happy and excited to pick! Next 2 weeks is a good timeI guess, who’s wanna join us? 🙂

Even the farm was crowded but the whole experienced was smooth because they did a great job to managed the whole process from parking to weighting the fruits. The only downside was they didn’t have a restaurant or cafe. The one in Halifax has a small restaurant that sell not only lunch type of meals also some sweets like pie and cookies even the farm way smaller than this one.

They would earn more money if they have the restaurant, people will tired after picking a fruits and at least need some cold drink or buy some fresh home baked pie contains some fruits from the farm or maybe baby customers need to rest to have their milk, haha.

Lemme help you momma!!!

Lemme help you momma!!!

Olivia is not so impressed, lol

Olivia was not so impressed in this picture, lol

Happy Baby on the farm 'train'!

Happy Baby on the farm ‘truck

Too high? Don't worry... use the stair!

Too high? Don’t worry… use the stair!

Cherry Avenue Farm

4303 Cherry Avenue,Vineland,  Ontario,L0R 2E0

Washroom: Yes (Men & Women)

Restaurant: Not available

Parking Lot: Yes

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