#22-365 Project

Frozen coke!

The weather  was super cold yeterday. The bottle of coke that I left in the car, was frozen the next day, Haha.

Minus 11 + windchill. However, that was a sunny Sunday.

Sunny Sunday


What a day!

After went to church, we had Indonesian gathering at Lulu & Pak Ming’s house. They served so many mouth watering foods. I ate a lot, hehe. We gathered together to celebrate Lunar New Year aka Imlek. It suppose to be today ( Jan 23rd ) but we did it 1 day earlier, on Weekend. So everyone could come and join. It’s lovely Sunday with a bunch of friends and good food!


15-365 Project

Ice rain

We are in the middle of winter season.

Tomorrow gonna be minus 13 and I don`t know if include the windchill, minus 19 probably.

I cannot write too much tonight, somehow my keyboard error and cannot type some punctuation hehe. Need a reboot I thought.

The picture above I took 2 days ago, inside my car. It was a cold morning with rain. Forecast weather called it was rain about 1-3cm, but what we had was ICE rain. The ice was about ground salt size, could you believe it, they even made a sound when they hit the car, tang ting tung! I was amazed!

Uh, talking about winter and snow. Sometime I still couldn`t believe if I am in Canada, like right here, right now! What if I am still in Jakarta (question mark, remember, I couldn`t type question mark, Grrhh) with sunny hot weather, hehe… probably eating Ketoprak with hot spicy peanut butter and sitting at my kost`s terrace! What a life.

Okay, time to stop now. Back to reality. Erhh, don`t get me wrong. I also like to stay  here, enjoyed 4 seasons. I just too greedy I think, want to be there and also want to be here, at there like Barcelona, San Fransisco, Egypt, Japan, Alaska, everywhere Haha… whatever, Just give thanks.

Hope you have a happy Monday! ( note to myself )