Olivia’s First Prayer

Your name always in my prayer ?

Tonight, Wednesday, July 18, 2017.

Olivia said her own prayer before sleep.

I usually ask her to pray together. On a good night, she would listen to me carefully until the end and says “amen”. But, on a not so good night, she would just won’t listening and keeps saying “no, no, no”.

My prayer is simple.

Starting with “Jesus…” and I will tell what I and Olivia have been doing the whole day, like “today, Olivia went to school and met Koko Ben” or “Olivia went to playground and market” something simple like those, I used word that familiar to her so she would understand what I am talking/praying about.

And we will ended the pray together by saying “amen”. That’s it. Almost every night and nap time in the afternoon if she is taking a nap at home.

But tonight was different. First, I thought tonight will be one of the not so good night. When I started “Jesus…” she stoped me. “Wait, wait..” I stopped. She continued “Jesus…” I thought she wanted to pray like in the church which they follow each word from the pastor, but second before I continued, she said “(mumbling) … market (mumbling) …” (only “market” word that I could understand from her short prayer.

WHAT…..????? We did go to the market aka grocery store today. Oh my… I am so happy and grateful that she got it. I keep praying no matter she understand it or not, I keep praying no matter she like it or not. And tonight does prove one thing. Never give up to pass something good to your children even though in the meantime they don’t get it or they don’t like it. They surely like a white paper and it’s up to you to put what colours in that paper . I am not saying that I would take credit for her milestone, only God and God alone deserve all credits. I just have to introduce her to Jesus, tell the gospel, and prepare her to be a believer. May God helps me, guides me and strengthens me in this process.

Olivia, 3,5 years old, has a speech delay, said her first prayer tonight. Thank you Lord, for your love & blessing. ??

Joyful mama.

Merry Christmas & Happy Nu Year 2011


Merry Christmas for everyone! Wish you have a peaceful & enjoyable Christmas with your family ^^

Merry Christmas 2010 & Happy New Year 2011

And soon… we will enter new chapter of 2011, are you ready? I am ready! And have you count your blessing?

I thanks to My Lord Jesus for accompany me this entire year, I feel 2010 gone so fast… I remember last year, I was searching my wedding gown & had a wonderful lunch with my becoming new family & My mom at Taman Anggrek Mall, Jakarta!  now… I am sitting in front of my PC in Halifax, as a wife and soon will become a Canadian permanent resident. What a life & surprise. Beetween these two situations from Dec 2009 to Dec 2010 I have a such of wonderful journey. Let’s me list it below :

1. I had a wonderful Chinese New Year party at my hometown, Jambi. Spent my quality time with family & my so cute new nephew ( Jojo )

2. Became one of Soyjoy Healthylicious contestant who won  a nice trip to Japan

3. Got Married with someone I love & Love me so much ^^

4. After struggle several months & downgrade  in new field of my job career, Finally I got my promotion and back to my position

5. Had a chance to visit my husband in Canada

6. My PR has been approved and faster than what we expected ( from apply to approved only took 5 months, wow! )

7. No need to comeback home or cross the border, I can do an internal landed for my PR documents & things ( Save money for another important things )

Those are my blessing by chronology, Here another wonderful gift… –> Husband, Family & New Family ( even I lost my father in law this year 🙁 but still thanks God for everything had done between me & him ), Friends & New Friends, GRII & New Church! Thanks Lord and may Lord Jesus bless them all ^^

You know? what I have passed this year.. even I can count all those blessings… like another human being, I passed a sad & mellow situations also, but those can not make me down… so I hope you don’t also. Let’s face & stand it with chin up! hahaha… I believe Lord allowed those situations  happen just because He love us so much, for always down to earth, saved our life from wrong way and others reason for our good.

Day by Day, Year by Year, Come & Go … If we can pass this year… it’s not guarantee we’ll pass next year, so life carefully… because we don’t know what’s time is our turn! For 2011 I had one resolution for myself, Find a suitable job with my experience! off course I have another dreams and plans, but I’m not longer as one but two… so it’ll become Our dreams & plans.. so many plans, but not so easy to reach them all but by faith… again, I believe, just believe… everything will be okay as long as Lord with us!

Happy Nu Year!