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(Originally posted on Facebook on April 21, 2017)

The Card! ❤️

We got the key of our new house today! This is the only day we became so rich, because we owned 2 places, haha ???

Found this flower and card from the previous owner on the kitchen bar. She left a very sweet notes, her message warm my heart. She also left the house very clean and neat, I am so surprised.

On the way back to the other home, when I was driving,I got this insigh: I suddenly remember that Jesus, two thousands ago said that He went to heaven to prepare the place for me and all believers. I have a place in heaven, prepared by dear Lord Himself! Fully paid too! I imagine that He also left the notes if He cannot make it to welcome me in the front door, the notes will say “Welcome home my sweet child, you’ve done it well”.

We are so grateful and wish that this new house will bring joy to our family. That we can glorify God & enjoyed Him. May God bless this house & all people that will enter its door, abundantly.

Thanks to our dear friend, Vera Esther our realtor who had accompanied us to find the house that suits our need and budget. We appreciated her kindness and hard work. Mercy beaucop madam ?

Ps. Now, how I can move on from this condo that also bring us so much joy? ? only one sleep and bye bye. I’ll share some story about moving out from this condo as well, maybe tomorrow.

Night night…

Kriiinnggg… Hello? Hi? Howwaya? Hallo? alloooo? oi..!

Hahaha, maybe this is the funiest title I’ve ever had for my blog title, I wanna blog about TELEPHONE, yup!
Btw, I’m taking english class at ISIS ( Immigrant settlement and immigration services ), this class is specific about learning english for business and work place, will took 3 months to finish all subjects, I found it very useful and practical, not only about grammar or new vocabulary  but also about culture between Canada’s & Indonesia’s culture, its differency on work place/business. Sometimes we found somethings so funny and we laugh it loud 😀

We need 2 weeks ( Mon – Fri @ 1-4pm ) to finished topic about telephone! would you believe it? about how to make a phone, leave an incoming and outgoing message, set an appointment, cancel or reschedule an appointment, even we learn how to use Yellow Pages and also new vocabulary (phone phrasal verbs) and grammar, excited!

I remember when I just arrived at Halifax, it’s so difficult for me to make a conversation with native, even someone speak something simple I couldn’t understand, my ears actually not get used to hear native’s accents and probably my brain need some minutes to translate it, so you can imagine how about if I talk to someone in phone, I can’t see their body language and mostly they speak so fast and with contruction, I dead. And don’t ask me how I answer the phone, if I hard to understand what they’re talking about how could I reply them correctly without “pardon?” “excuse me” “could you repeat again?” *sigh*

But after I finished 2 weeks session about telephone I can point myselft from range 1 to 10, in the beginning maybe I was 3 and now up to 7 hihihi… so happy! not because I already easly to understand native’s accents but because I have more confident, I knew the clues.

Here something different between Canada & Indonesia, hope you find it interesting and who know if someday you maybe need it.

  • If you’re at  the office, you must silent/vibrate your cellphone unless you’re using a same cellphone for work and personal, in Indonesia if we are using different cellphone (mostly same) we NEVER turn off or silent our personal mobile phone and NEVER feeling guilty if we talk to our friends/families in office hours and at the office ( no emergency issue)
  • We ALWAYS leaving a message when somebody not pick up our phone, in Indonesia we NEVER leaving a message to machine, we feel so weird when we need to talk to machine and almost every home phone and office phone don’t have that feature but even cellphone have a voice message we usually hang up when we hear the voice message or BEEP tone
  • No text message, leave a message to voice message, in Indonesia after we hang up we more convenience to leave a message by SMS (short message service) EVEN we text to our Boss or clients <– My teacher said “NO NO NO we never Text to our Boss!!!” she shocked btw –“
  • After leaving a message, we can wait they call us back, in Indonesia if we can’t leave a text message and that person never pick up our phone we usually WILL call again and again in every 5 minutes until he/she picks up our phone or after we tired, nice <– My teacher can’t believe  we do this, “you have a lot of patient then” she said.
  • For home phone or cellphone, we used formal words to our voice message because we never know who will calling us, in Indonesia some of us ( including me) usually leave a message on our cellphone’s voice mesage with something funny and sometime stupid, example : ” Hallo? Hi ….? yes? Oh…. who’s speaking? Ohh…? Sorry… I can’t speak to your right know, please leave a mesage …”  somebody gonna hate us after that 😀
  • Normally when we leave a message to somebody, we give these information : our name, phone number, time when we leave this message, our message, the best time when they can call us back. For very very close friend we might be don’t have to leave our phone number, in Indonesia? we almost never leave a voice message, if we did… sometime we laugh, nervous, make a joke and at the end, pointless –“

We need 2 weeks because we also practice, real one! we call to supermarket, bus information, cinema, etc for some information like price, movie schedule, etc and call the teacher in the mid night (after office hours so we can ‘talk’ to machine) so funny, sometime we did a mistake and laugh our ass off, mostly because english is our second language and because we just so nervous but overall we did it good, surprise! 😀 I even don’t know if learning about telephone can be so fun, ha ha ha

Please, continue to laugh…