Mill Pond, Milton, ON

This place is a gem! We have been visiting this place for all seasons and all of them are beautiful on its own. Thanks to MCRC, Milton who introduce us to this place through their program.

Here YouTube video of our recent visit (Spring but there was snow obviously, what a combo) :

And here some photos from Fall Season

Mirror Mirror

The Bridge

Wild Lives

The River

If you live in Milton and never visit this place, you’ve to check this place out. It’s so blissful just to walk,  in hale some fresh air and to see stunning scenery (you may cannot help but want to snap some pictures). It’s located between Main Rd & Bronte St.

They have plenty of free parking lot. Outdoor playground and pool (Rotary Park – 100 Garden Lane, Milton ).

Enjoy and see you there, sometimes! 😀

Olivia’s 1st Outdoor PRO Photo Session

Model: Olivia Muliawan | Age: 7 Month | Gender: Female | Weight: +/- 15lbs | Heigh: +/- 70cm | Eye Color: Dark Brown | Hair Color: Black

Photographer: Mommy | Assistant Photographer: Grandma | Stylist: Mommy & Olivia | Wardrobe: Personal | Accessories: Personal

Location: Highpark, Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Date: Aug 6, 2014

Camera: Canon EOS 7D | Lens: 50mm F1.8

combo1 combo2 combo3 combo4 combo5Mommy’s NOTE:

I used to work at Sears photo studio in Halifax around 2 years ago and 90% of my customer was parents with babies! Now I know  and can related when they said “Oh, I like that one better, It show her/his personality” or “I want that one, that’s how she/he smiles” or something like that, when I sat with them in front of the computer to look all their baby pictures I took that day. Sometimes, I just didn’t understand, for me that picture probably little bit blur, the composision was odd, or just simply the baby face wasn’t cute enough like other pictures in my opinion. BUT at the end they chose whatever they liked and as a professional photographer, as long as your customer happy, that’s enough and consider as success ^^. So, when I look all the pictures I took this afternoon, no matter how bad the quality (exposure, angle, etc) of the picture, I LIKE it just because Olivia so cute on that pic, haha.

We had so much fun during the photo session, I wasn’t prepare so much since this was our first professional photo session and I didn’t know what will going on. Turned out not so bad, I just went a bit crazy to made Olivia smiles.

After so long I refused to take a picture using my DSLR camera and getting comfortable with Handphone camera, it felt so good to be back to ‘heavy bulky blacky camera’ haha! Definitely will have more photo session with her in the future. Excited!

Olivia’s NOTE:

I didn’t know what’s mommy doing in the park. She kept calling my name and made a fake snizzing sound, I guessed she tried to make me smile, of course I smile, she was so silly. We had fun in the park, we go to this place so often, since I was a baby, errhh… I mean when I was a little baby, I am a big baby now. But today visit was a bit special, mommy let me sit on the ground, she even made me lay down on my tummy, She knew I hate this position but I gave it a try, actually I did it so I could had a chance to pull some grass though. haha.

Grandma looked so happy too, She made sure I wore my pretty headband. When mommy stopped looking at me through some funny black box, I snacking with Grandma. It called picnic in the park, I like it… I like drinking my milk and looking to the trees, they are so high and greeny.

Mommy said we will going out more often before the weather getting cold. I am looking forward to have fun with mommy and grandma in our next visit to the park!