[Review] Qi Sushi – Japaness Restaurant

When we finished our work at Downtown area yesterday afternoon, we took advantage to try some new restaurant nearby. Thanks for Yelp application who gave us some alternative. We chose this Japanese restaurant called Qi Sushi.

It was Sunday afternoon so the road wasn’t crowded and we easily found a street side parking lot. I didn’t have any special expectation rather than to fill my stomach, fresh Sushi dipping it with soya sauce and wasabi probably only the thing that what I expect.

When we entered the restaurant, inside was pretty small and compact. It pretty closed between one tables to another. So expect to hear some chit chat from people across your table, vice versa.

You can sit where ever you like and one lady immediately over us the menu and cold drink. It was brown rice tea, I’ve to admitted, it was the best brown rice tea I’ve ever tasted, and I like the flavour which is probably a bit too strong for some people.

Before we entered the restaurant, I got a chance to glare at the small board outside the restaurant promoted a special lunch of Bulgogi Beef Bento for only $6. What an offer. So, since Hadi ordered a plate of Combo Sushi, I decided to choose a Bento Box so we could have more variety foods to try.

When I mentioned about the Bulgogi, the lady told us that the offer only for Take-Out. It was $10 if you Dine-In. I canceled my order and ask for some minutes. I thought if the price is regular price then I want to look at to the menu one more time, probably there is another menu that tempting me more. Too bad the lady seemed disappointed with this cheap customer, she said in between when I wasn’t finish my sentence “It’s only $10″. I got what she means, If I stick with my first choice, it’s only $4 different and after all it’s only $10 portion of food that consider cheap for downtown restaurant. Errhh, somebody could convince me that $4 is not matter in term of eating in the restaurant in Toronto, please?

Anyway, I just a bit shocked for what she said but no hard feeling at all. I think I get used to it? I just think she was rude but that’s not enough to make us cancel the entire order and walk out. I ordered Chicken Teriyaki, instead.

The food took some minutes to arrive. A bit longer than what it supposed to. Base on there is no other customer place an order before us. But the waiting time was still tolerable because they served Miso Soup for Bento Box order and small bowl of noodle soup for every customer. The Miso Soup was ok with obvious chunk of mushroom which is good. I just didn’t impress with the noodle, a bit weird for my liking.

Instagram Video I took that day!

When the order finally came out. I was surprised; the portion of Sushi Combo was huge. It was 3 kinds of Sushi (Salmon, Tuna and Tempura) whit 8 pcs each for only $12. The rice around the Sushi was so thin and the filling was so generous. It tasted creamy and fresh. At other Japanese restaurant I guess with the same portion it will at least cost us $16.

They also delivered a good job on Their Bento Box. I’ve never impressed with any Bento veggies which is usually there as a bed for whatever Bento Meat/Fish we choose. We ended up finish all the veggies include their very fresh Japanese salad style. The Chicken Teriyaki also good, the meat was soft and well-seasoned. With the price $10 as a Lunch Special (Yes, Their Lunch Special include Weekend as well) it’s a good deal, since we could finish all of foods in the box because they’re so good.

Defitenely will come back to try another menu or when the Sushi Fever attacks us in the future. The Dinner price is more expensive with the same menu on Lunch Time.

Point: 4 out of 5!!! [Price reasonable, Food taste good & Authentic, Generous portion]

Address: 358 Gerrard St. E Toronto, Ontario

Phone: (416) 929-8989

Price: $$

Washroom: Only 1 and sharing between Men and Women

A/C Available

Parking: Road Side

Qi Sushi’s Facebook Page