#Pray for Japan

As we know, last Friday… Japan was hit by massive earthquake (8,9 magnitude) and horrible Tsunami. When I heard what’s happening in Japan, suddenly I remember my trip to there last year. Such an uniqe country ( I visit Tokyo, Tokhusima and Osaka ), its building, culture, foods, people and everything at there stole my heart. And now, They’re must be in chaos, hope they will be covering soon and my heart for everyone who lost their beloved one because this disaster. They will.. because they are tough, creative, poblem solving, hard working as they recovered from atomic bomb!


Update :

Regarding to this disaster I heard some people make a joke on their facebook status or Twitter. Thanks God I didn’t read it.. It’ll makes me wanna puke! How come they acted like that? better if  they just shut up!!!

Today I got this news, so heartless and shameful :'( detail story click : here

On Berita Harian - Malaysia's newspaper

Nobody have a right to make any joke of this tragedy!

I quote one comment of my friend (Gail ) on facebook :

I pray all other countries help the survivors as much as possible. Send food, water, and supplies. I am going to donate to the Red Cross on Monday. I hope everyone in Canada can do that even if it is only five dpllars. It will help save so much!

Yes, donate via your nearest Red Cross, it’s not about amount but about Love & Care!

<3 <3 <3

Talk about creativity… I’ll point to Japan, absolutely!
Below are videos about KONAPUN < — Making a fake food. You’ll be amazed…
I saw these video (maybe about 10 videos, so go check by yourself on Youtube) with my mouth opening and keep saying to myself “Woww… what?! aahh… geezzz… Ohh.. Woooww” 😀 very detail!

If… cooking just simple as like that 😀

Ps : Not edible (:


Misery Bear’s videos

Quick update

I’ll tied up until May  2011 because I took 2 classes at ISiS ( English for business & work place and Portfolio class ) Really enjoy the subjects, teachers & classmates (: What I’ve learnt is really practical and useful to the max, especially when I get an office job, I hope, soon.


Let’s check this video, all about Misery Bear (:

I choose this one because related about “Working/Job”. People ( me, right now )  try so hard to find a job and after they got one, they try more harder to love they job, because most of them, hate their job, hates to the bone! ho ho ho… (: You can  search another videos of Misery Bear, really creative, two thumbs up for the team who created these fabulous videos. Enjoy it! (some people might not understand why BBC put this as BBC Comedy)


Hmm… love your career not your job! (: