#20-365 Project

Today, we have a heavy snow rain. I like it.

However, there was traffic jam everywhere.

I even could snap some pictures while I was driving.

Check it out …

Near husband's office building

In side my car while waiting husband

On the road, near Halifax Oval

Near Chebucto

Stuck on the road

All pictures above taken by iPhone 4s and edited by Instagarm. All of them I took it from inside the car, behind the steer. Hehe… Not bad right? *grin*

When we closed to Young St, there was another traffic jam, so we decided to stop by at Steak & Stein and have our dinner over there. It’s a good decision, better enjoy the meal rather than stuck on the road and waste the gas.

5oz Calgary, add musharoom, with onion ring. Yummy!

Bread pudding, Hubby's dessert

What is your Friday story? 🙂

2 days more before Lunar New Year and tomorrow we already have 2 parties, and another one on Sunday, Wohooo… so excited! I am collectiong Ang pao, so don’t hestitate to give me one if you have HAHAHA.

Good night,


15-365 Project

Ice rain

We are in the middle of winter season.

Tomorrow gonna be minus 13 and I don`t know if include the windchill, minus 19 probably.

I cannot write too much tonight, somehow my keyboard error and cannot type some punctuation hehe. Need a reboot I thought.

The picture above I took 2 days ago, inside my car. It was a cold morning with rain. Forecast weather called it was rain about 1-3cm, but what we had was ICE rain. The ice was about ground salt size, could you believe it, they even made a sound when they hit the car, tang ting tung! I was amazed!

Uh, talking about winter and snow. Sometime I still couldn`t believe if I am in Canada, like right here, right now! What if I am still in Jakarta (question mark, remember, I couldn`t type question mark, Grrhh) with sunny hot weather, hehe… probably eating Ketoprak with hot spicy peanut butter and sitting at my kost`s terrace! What a life.

Okay, time to stop now. Back to reality. Erhh, don`t get me wrong. I also like to stay  here, enjoyed 4 seasons. I just too greedy I think, want to be there and also want to be here, at there like Barcelona, San Fransisco, Egypt, Japan, Alaska, everywhere Haha… whatever, Just give thanks.

Hope you have a happy Monday! ( note to myself )