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Hi all,

I want to continue my story about Otsuka’s Palace ^^ so, after Our very fully dinner, We were waiting for flute mini concert by Rita D’arcangelo, We quite surprise and happy.

That night I though I drank too much sparkling water and green tea plus 1 cup of Nemu ( I called it : sleeping milk ), all night long I woke up about 6-8 times to pee pee ^^ so, that Nemu milk didn’t work! *hiks* but perhaps my concentration to sleep was distract by samurai figure which scare me badly *fiuh*

In the morning after We had Our western breakfast, We check out from Otsuka’s Palace to visit Otsuka’s Museum, the location just in front of Otsuka’s palace, so We walk and took some pictures outside the palace.

In my entire life, I never visit painting museum and actually I don’t have any passion about painting accept I always amazed how those artists can paint their object very resemble with the real one, the details and the colors, That’s all. You won’t find me do searching or attend painting exhibition intentional.

So, I was so happy and fall in love with I called it “MAHA KARYA MANUSIA” for those painting and all the artist with their imagination, vision, message , idea, creativity and all of things they put it in their creation. I’ll do searching and the most important thing is I can learn something.

This museum was built by the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Group in celebration of the group’s 75th anniversary.The Otsuka Museum of Art was built in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. With a total floor of 29,412 square meters, this museum of masterpaintings reproduced on ceramic boards is the largest exhibition space in Japan.It’s collection consists of more than 1,000 reproductions of masterpaintings in Western Art.

Need one day full to explore this Museum from A to Z, but unfortunately We should hurry up to catch up Our Bus to Osaka, I really hope can sharing with painting curator in the future, I need balancing my left and right brain, hahaha …

Maybe some of you will ask : How about photography? is it different? or what? Hmm… I talked about masterpaintings, they’re famous not because they are old, but their content is everlasting and priceless and by the way totally different with Photo, beside I’m not a master in Photography or Painting, so I can’t compare it and better We are not compare it ^^

Rita D' Arcangelo, Flute

I Always love Haydn

We sat on the first raw, Like We are Flute lover ^^

Rita D'Arcangelo

Solo concert ( 6 songs ) + 1 ^^

We took photo with the Artist and all audience ^^

Nice! Everyone got the photo!

Nemu... Sleeping milk erhh... drink and you will fall asleep, hihi ...

Eventhough not sleep well, I try to look fresh with my Batik in the morning ! Yayyy..! Why @tuhunugraha & @primadika look just had a nightmare? wakaka...

This is Our breakfast's menu

In Japan, Watermelon is prestigious fruit, underline it!

Can not say no to Apple Pie!

Primas favorite! ^^

I don't like this tomato shoup, yaiks...!

Always love scramble egg , Nyam nyam nyam ...

Juice? Yogurt? all by Otsuka

Which one do you want to complete your breakfast? ^^

Healthy biscuit, crezzhh crezhh ... by Otsuka, I still have 1 pack ^^

drizzle... But this is only time left to narsis at palace! lol

Don't try to find any garbage in this area and even we don't dare to step on the grass. So clean & neat! salute

Prima, motret pakai 1 tangan, foto apaan sih? ^^

Oalah, semua harus punya foto diri dengan latar Istana , wakakaka

Ini tk. ojek payungnya ^^ hihihi ... Payung Pocarikan? ini Sales manager Pocari Indo yang baru loh... ^^

Nah ini foto 2 pemenang dengan Istana Otsuka, cilik amat ya... baguslah... jerawat jadi gak kelihatan, hehehe...

Ada yang bisa baca?

Walau punya sendiri, mau masuk museum tetap harus beli tiket ^^

Pertama masuk langsung ke ruangan ini dan langsung TERPUKAU

Agung banget, sampai pengen langsung berlutut dan berdoa (leher pegel disini nih, dongak liat keatas)

Ini lukisan ttg penciptaan manusia, dikiri itu Adam & kanan God Almighty

Lukisan asli di foto trus dgn teknologi di'tuangkan' keatas keramik. Lukisan diruangan ini karya Michael Angelo

Ini ruangan bisa dijadikan tempat menikah, mau? Gua kok agak berasa serem & gak suka disini karena kursi2 hitamnya *sigh* tp @rsuhe & @primadika suka sekali ^^

Hebatnya nih Museum, semua karya dibuat persis bentuk aslinya, gompel2nya pun sama , dudududu...

Lupa ini kuburannya siapa, hihihi ... pokoknya ini kuburan ...

Pengelompokan karyanya sesuai jaman-nya masing-masing

Aslinya dilukis diatas kayu, "palsu'nya ini yg diatas keramik tetap hrs bisa menunjukan bahwa aslinya yg diatas kayu, keren ya?!

Terpukau cukup lama kami di lukisan ini setelah diceritakan artinya oleh Miss Asai Sang Kurator

Perhatikan baik-baik lukisan ini ya ... maaf karena kurang jelas/detail

Above painting is telling Us about human and all the glories will end up with death. Look at the picture … Mayor and His Friend, this painting show us The Mayor with his glamor robe and all jewelry mean He is a rich man, The globe means He is know about earth, musical instrumental means He is talented in music/ He can play music instrumental, arithmetic tool means He is expert in counting, above left on this painting show a cross it’s mean He is a religious man. Telescope means He know about sky/horoscope. So perfect! Rich, religious, smart, etc. But please look carefully into something like wood (bottom center), If We look this painting on the right side, We can see that wood/stick  is a skull , oh my … so people, please down to earth. No matter how rich you are or how smart you are, someday… you and I will die, We are not mortal, lol

This painting, so interesting ... look carefully ^^ see something interesting & funny? ^^

I can read your mind … ^^ You just see some naked woman in the pool? ha ha ha… look carefully, This is a magic pool, can make you younger again. On the left side, there are some old woman come to the pool (only woman allowed to showering), they will check by a doctor and if they passed the ‘medical check up’ they can into the pool and be younger again, on the right side… these new young woman can dress up and party with some guys, oh my oh my … hahaha…

Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci, I chose this painting when Soyjoy gave me a souvenir , Yay!


Ini sudah masuk ke lukisan-lukisan yang agak muda, Lukisan profile tp dr berbagai jenis item dr kategori masing2. Laut - Bumi - Besi - Buah

creeps but unique

Hmmm serius amat ingin masuk jd bagian dalam lukisan... liat apaan ya kira2 bertiga ini? hahaha...

Ini robot museum bisa tau kita mirip siapa dari semua tokoh yang ada dalam lukisan, kita di jepret trus tunggu bentar, keluar deh hasilnya ^^

Gua dibilang mirip Camille (Istrinya Monet) yg 3 thn kemudian meninggal muda ketika dilukis *dohhh*

So, after say goodbye to the robot ^^ We went to California Table for lunch before we leave Tokhusima, hiks hiks … It’s mean Tomorrow is the last day at Japan.

Appertizer .. shrimps & Tomato, sedap!

This fried pork taste just so so ...

Better I chose this menu (Fish), @tuhunugraha not finished his lunch also, mungkin trauma sama Makarel, hahaha

Restoran ini juga punya Otsuka, sepertinya seTokhusima punya Otsuka deh... ^^

Judulnya boleh Ice lemon tea, tp liat dong lemonnya ampe cantik begini hahaha

Ini penutup yang manis!

Di restoran ini toiletnya ada pilihan mengeringkan (maaf) pantat dgn diangin2kan :p

Hujan masih turun... itu Tuhu napa ya? gak mau pulang kayaknya hahaha

Once again, If you come to Japan… don’t forget to visit Tokhusima … maybe August is the best time, because I read on website they perform Awa Odori dance every August.  So long Tokhusima … I’ve missed you already!

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