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Howdy readers,

Today weather makes me wanna blogging about FOOD and voila… I still have a story on my #JapanTrip with SOYJOY and off course it’s about food, yummy yummy …!

Last dinner at Japan was at Chibo Teppanyaki Okonomiyaki Restaurant, Yes … after 4 days in a row We always met raw foods, That night We’re so happy officially can say good bye to raw fish *giggling*

This restaurant located in basement, little bit low light with stone + wood interior and when We got there, The restaurant full of young people, Ah… It will be nice I said to myself.

Appetizer ( Oh my ... Paul Octopus? )

Hmm.. actually there is still a raw food, something like jelly *nightmare*

I am so sorry, this is 100% Non Halal. But what I could say about this one is : SUPERBZ!!! 2 thumbs up... ^^ *mouth watering*

She cooked for us including garnished the food, We enjoyed the show

Kuah ikan ini mirip kari deh ^^, 3 makanan penggugah selera sebelum 'masuk' ke menu andalan Okonomiyaki 😀

Makanan dimasak diatas Teppan, dijamin abis makan badan pun bau makanan yg barusan dimakan ^^

Ini dia Okonomiyaki, Okonomi artinya sendiri adalah suka-suka, jd ya.. suka-suka aja toppingnya mau apaan ^^

Cuma daun bawang & telur? namanya juga suka-suka! Ini di Indo namanya martabak telor kali ye.. hahaha

Semua Okonomiyaki selalu diberi Mayonaise dan 'abon' ikan yang seperti nampak hidup krn bergoyang2 terkena panas

Ada 4 jenis Okonomiyaki yang dipesan Machiko, Yang terakhir ini paling juara krn ukurannya paling jumbo, telor + mie + seafood. Keblinger!!!

Walau sudah mabok Okonomiyaki 4 macam, perut tetap bersedia menampung dessert yang sweet ini ^^

Machiko ordered 4 kinds of Okonomiyaki. 1st and 2nd Okonomiyaki quite similar, The topping is Seafood and Beef. Our favorite were 3rd Okonomiyaki because the topping only egg and leeks so it thinner than the others.

The last Onokonomiyaki shocked us badly because its shape so bigger while Our stomach already full, so when She was cooking this Okonomiyaki ( She put Egg, Seafood and … NOODLE ) We coudn’t help Ourselves to stop laughing , hohoho… However We still can finished Our Ice cream to recovery Our tongue from these Okonomiyaki.

What a night! and thanks God, That night I wasn’t dream about Okonomiyaki!


Ps. I still have a ‘so drama’ eating session at Japan *lirik Tuhu & Prima*

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